Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Advertisement of cars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Advertisement of cars - Essay Example This advertisement is the reflection of the vanity and pride which the Mercedes possess, and it transfers the same to its customers. The intent of price was to restrict and warn the interested parties who simply approach for the sake of details but are never serious about procurement. The intent behind the publication of the price on the advertisement was to apply a filter to obtain serious customers only. It is important to note that colour of the car in the advertisement. There is a high possibility that this model has been launched with different body colors, but why color black was chosen? Black is a reflection of elite and privileged class, the colour has more admiration against criticism therefore black was perfect choice. The position of the car is itself a key to perfect advertisement. In this advertisement, the company has shown the complete layout of the car. Generally, the manufacturers prefer publication of the front, possibly because the side view is not at all attractiv e. In this advertisement, Mercedes has been dignified enough not to follow the common trend and has published the side view to give the interested customer better information about the product. In the advertisement, it is common practice as per which the precisely you reflect, the true customers you target. The precise projection of the brand will be the key in the identification of the interested customers.The one-word CHECKMATE is the reflection of the perfection and quality which the product inherits, as per the vendor BMW.... This advertisement is not for youth and energetic crowd, it is for people with style and devour. In dot at the end of checkmate is another important part of the advertisement, though it is a simple dot but it symbolizes the pride of the company. The intent of advertisement is not to appeal or request the interested customer; rather it is only information from the company. In this advertisement, the company has been reluctant to share any information about the brand, and has published the contact details. The intent behind such a strategy can be that probably there are other new models for customer review. The colour and font of word CHECKMATE are clear, but the colour of the web address posted by the company is not at all visible for the public especially during night time, therefore the advertisement will probably fail to communicate the message. Keeping in view that the target audience of the brand is elite and rich class between an age group of 45-60, the selection of fonts and co lour is not perfect. Advertisement - III This advertisement by Audi has been regarded as offensive approach of Audi against BMW. In this advertisement, the manufacturer has been blunt about its vehicle and has tried to publicly challenge its competitor. The target crowd of this advertisement is not the general customers, but the management of BMW and its customers. AUDI has simply challenge the design and model of BMW, and has launched their distinct model. After studying this advertisement, we conclude that the company has tried to avoid detail description of the brand and its feature, and has tried to resemble its product with the world's outclass automobile

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