Thursday, September 26, 2019

Humanity Origin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Humanity Origin - Essay Example A Christian’s view of personal fulfillment and relationship to the community may differ or be similar to the view of a Germanic warrior or the King of the Franks. A Christian is any believer in Jesus Christ who goes to church and committed to living the life of Christianity as taught by Jesus and his apostles. A Christian perceived personal fulfillment as living a holy life that bases on teachings of the Bible. To live a holy life, a Christian needed to obey God’s commands alongside following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, the teachings of Jesus that encircle the fundamentals of Gospel define the actual foundation of Christianity. As a Christian, one needed to refrain from murderous acts or any related thoughts. Murder or hatred in Christianity was tantamount to sin that was punishable by God. Believing in Jesus and following His teaching assured a Christian about his/her protection. The power of Jesus was above all powers on Heaven and Earth. Jesus was able to fi ght and triumph over enemies who pursued a life of a devoted Christian. Holy life pursued by a Christian as the basis of personal fulfillment also promised great privileges. Living holy life promised a Christian with great knowledge and wisdom that came from God. Being holy harmonized the relationship be God and a Christian, making God illuminate His desirable light in an individual Christian. With the light of God, a Christian was able to see secret things in spirit and predict situations before they could happen. This ability to prophesy was a rare gift from God that every Christian struggled to achieve. A holy life to a Christian meant living free from sin. Sin was everywhere in the world considering the attribution of Satan with evil and his abundance presence in the world. Sin diminished peace and attracted chaos and discord to individual’s life.With holiness, a Christian was able to conquer all the yokes of sin and rise above slavery.

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