Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Careers In The Military, Audio The occupation of an audio engineer can encompass many different areas of music production. From recording bands in the studio, synchronizing audio to film, sound reinforcement, to even developing the latest technology in the audio field. The possibilities are broad and seemingly endless. It is a field that is constantly changing, and qualifications are always increasing. Many don’t realize the commitment, drive, hard work and dedication involved with becoming successful in the field. As well as having the patience and reserve to take the time to get the proper training and gain experience. In audio engineering learning the ropes and basics is the most important part of the job, because they become the foundation of everything that the work in based on. Once one achieves these skills the field of careers available to them can encompass many different areas of the business and society, including the military. Since the Department of Defense is so huge (and active) these days the job opportunities it provides are broad and many. Are there job opportunities in the Department of Defense for audio engineering? Since there really are no books that go into this topic I took the opportunity to interview a person who is in such a position. I was referred to Master Sergeant Michael E. Riley, an audio engineer for the United States Air Force Band of the Rockies. His titles include Premier Band Craftsman/Audio and NCOIC/Audio support. MSgt. Riley is a native of Rochester, New York and had been heavily involved in music as a musician (clarinet) since high school. In 1987, he was accepted into SUNY College’s accredited Sound Recording Technology program and studied under Ros Ritchie. After graduating he worked as a recording engineer and freelance musician. In 1993 he â€Å"auditioned† to be an audio engineer for the Band of the Rockies, after which he was accepted. He chose to make this his career and is now in his tenth year with the organization. The United States Air Force band of the Rockies consists of nine performing groups, these include a marching band, concert band, the Rampart Winds (wood wind quintet), The Falconaires (big band jazz), Solar Winds (clarinet quartet), Stellar Brass (brass quintet with percussion), Blue Steel ((rhythm and blues), and Wild Blue Country (county/blue grass).

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