Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Communication journal Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Communication journal - Article Example The leader is also important in ensuring that that communication within the group is effective – that there are no elements of dictation from them or other group members. The leader also serves the important role of facilitating the process of designing and meeting objectives and the course of action, so as to get the response expected from the audience (LaFasto & Larson, 2001). b). Establishing an agenda on how to meet the goals of the group is also very important to the success of group presentation, as the agenda defines the clarity of the group’s goals. Through establishing the agenda, the group is able to narrow down to the areas that are important for the presentation and the expected results. Through the agenda on meeting goals: the leadership guides the actions and the preparations of the group, to ensure that they fall within the range, which counts towards the realization of the goals. Through establishing the agenda, the group gets a sense of direction, givin g preference to areas of priority and areas that should be addressed first. Through the agenda, the group is able to tie down all individual presentations into one whole, to ensure that there is coherence in meeting the set goals. Through establishing the agenda, unifying elements become evident, from the overall scheme and it helps develop the link between the different elements. From doing this, the entire group develops an understanding of the role to be played by each member – towards meeting goals, and that the individual roles blend together to form the desired discussion. Establishing the agenda guides group preparation, helps in giving rehearsals a sense order, and the links between introductions and transitions are established. Through the agenda, reflection is directed towards different aspects of presentation (LaFasto & Larson, 2001). c). Encouraging group members to express their opinions and to ask questions is very important, as the core aim of group work is to promote the development of a range of skills, including communication and interpersonal skills. Through encouraging the members to express their opinions and to ask questions, their input is captured, and their contribution towards the success of the group’s goals is guaranteed. Under ideal conditions, the group’s presentation should incorporate the input and the participation of each member, which can only be guaranteed through incorporating the opinions of the different members and addressing their questions, so that they do not weaken the entire presentation (LaFasto & Larson, 2001). d). Encouraging group members to know one another is somewhat important, as group presentation do not fully rely on the personal interaction existing between members. For instance, multinational congresses feature presentations, where different members of the presentation group have not met, but it is important that the boundaries of their presentation are clearly defined. However, know ing one another is important, as it can help in assigning different roles to members, responsibilities and presentation areas that are favored by the skills they posses. For instance, technical areas of the presentation are better presented by members who have background knowledge in technical concepts. However, the

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