Saturday, October 19, 2019

Email Policy at Johnson & Dresser Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Email Policy at Johnson & Dresser - Essay Example It is legal under some circumstances and illegal in other words. It is necessary to for the managers to maintain the business ethics within business environment. So in this case it becomes legal when the employers at the time of recruitment or employment clear the privacy policy to its employees. They should know how much privacy they can enjoy under the privacy policy set by the company. Their consent in reading mails should be made the criteria of employment. So that they would know that all the emails could be read by the manager for any assistance. It is illegal when the policies regarding reading mails secretly or having full access to employee email messages is hidden from the workers. Or when they are told that they can enjoy full privacy in this regard but indeed they keep on eye on their emails. There could be number of reasons varying from organization to organization. It mainly depends upon the policies and nature of company. So mostly this option is availed by the companies to keep track of their employee’s performance regarding their jobs. For example they can check whether the sales officer is dealing with the customer in the suitable manner or doing his job with full sense of responsibility or not. Employee can use the email for work purpose only and can’t use it for personal use while at work. It is right of the company to keep track of it to reduce extra expenses. The negative consequence could be reduction in the productivity of the company. Only those employee would feel uncomfortable with this policy who really not too much in work. They doesn’t rely on handwork and are not that much fair with their jobs. But of course this policy offers bit strict working environment so employees would try to be careful for this they would work in pressure all the time which can result in less productive outcome. As far as my opinion is concerned, I think the appropriate policy is that employer should keep track of emails and

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