Friday, October 18, 2019

Nintendo WII CASE Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nintendo WII CASE Study - Essay Example The analysis of the video game console depicts that the product has diverse marketing possibilities as it differs from one country to another. In Korea, the market was concentrated within the age group of 20years – 25 years and was comprised of predominantly female population. While in Japan, the target market was primarily male populace aged above 36 years (Lee & Et Al., â€Å"A Cross Sectional Market Segmentation of Online Game Industry using SOM†). Nintendo expects to widen the user base of the video games. Nintendo perceives that ‘Wii’ will be fun for all types of users irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity. The company says that it would target the non - users of the video game console and try to attract them in to the gaming world and do not aim to fight with Sony for the share of market (Gantayat, â€Å"Dragon Quest IX Q & A†). The SWOT analysis captures the strengths and weaknesses of the company along with opportunities and threats of the industry. The strengths include less expensive software and hardware along with the unique hardware motion detection where as the weaknesses of Wii of Nintendo are that only limited number of software could be selected and also there is a liability for joystick. The company can find opportunity in new users that include adults and seniors and also through deeper penetration in the European and Middle – Eastern markets. The major threat of the product is that the software developers are not satisfied with the reducing profit and also there are lack of software selection and sophistication with the games (Zimbio, â€Å"SWOT: Strength Weakness Opportunity Thread of Gaming Industry†). There is no doubt that the Nintendo Wii has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch. The major competitors of the Wii from Nintendo have been the Play Station series from Sony (PS2 and PS3) and the Microsoft XBox360. The differences in the marketing strategies of Nintendo and

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