Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Reflection - Essay Example I am a thorough optimist, and there is no scope for pessimism in my scheme of things. I compare the life to a sea. In the sea the waves are bound to be there. Having gone for the sea bath, there is no question of being afraid of the oncoming waves. If the waves are powerful I’ll duck them. When and waves are friendly, I’ll dance with them. When the waves are normal I’ll swim towards my destination. Just like swimming becomes more and more perfect by experience, taking decisions in life is a matter of practice, based on the strength of the past experiences and guidance from teachers and elders. I will never admit defeat in my life on any issue and work hard and intelligently to achieve my goals. My career ambition is to occupy the chair of Principal in an educational institution. I am fully aware that this is a chair of dual responsibility. Firstly that of exercising overall control on the teaching system in the institution and secondly related to office administr ation. Both are equally important. The parents would like to admit their wards in an educational institution that is administered well. I would like to be an instrument to further the goodwill of the institution created by the past administrators/principals and in the light of the knowledge gained, I would like to experiment my own innovative ideas. Pessimism has no scope in my scheme of things. The wise saying goes, ‘those who walk only stumble.’ So willingness to walk forward is of utmost importance, notwithstanding the occasional failures. 2. Extrinsic Motivation 1. Peaceful 2. Cooperation 3. Flexibility status (level in society) 4. Power (influence) 5. Teamwork Intrinsic Motivation 1. Creativity 2. Freedom 3. Organized 4. Competence (effective) 5. Adventure (new and challenging experiences) Having chosen my future career as the Principal of an educational institution, I know that I have got to imbibe the sterling qualities of leadership in students and the members o f the faculty. Internal motivators indicate the strength of the inner world of an individual. I am aware that I need to be morally strong and should inspire both the members of the faculty as well as the students. I believe in mixing freely with the faculty and students and at the same time keep the dignity of the chair of the Principal. I know that I have to be disciplined first and then expect discipline from others. I treat every crisis as an opportunity I would like to provide full freedom for all their creative endeavors. I am prepared to condone hundred mistakes for success of one creative, original result, if in the pursuit of that one has worked sincerely. I work for the sake of work and without any motivated desires and my single-pointed aim is to bring name and fame to the educational institution that I will be heading. I do not have any craze for personal secular rewards, but my desire is that my institution should set high educational standards. Some of the examples of b ehavior of intrinsic motivation are participating in the music competition, because one finds that activity internally rewarding. One gets the inner joy that cannot be estimated in monetary terms. Some individuals choose the tough career options like music, over the safe careers like engineering, medical practitioner, even though in the former the reward aspect is difficult to achieve. One may or may not succeed as the musician considered from

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