Friday, November 1, 2019

Cross Cultural Management and Its Relevance in Supporting Global Essay

Cross Cultural Management and Its Relevance in Supporting Global Business Operations - Essay Example From this discussion it is clear that culture and cultural identities affects interactions and human engagement with each other. People from the same culture feel more comfortable when grouped with others from a similar culture. This merging becomes more specific especially when money is involved. Same culture individuals consider partnership in the business world. However, when different cultures have to come together these people have to grow together to meet the organization goals. While growing together, these people face similar problems and have to agree on joint actions to defeat the problems. The more they solve the issues together, while embracing each others culture, the more it becomes a norm and system of rules that will later be local legislations that with practice will become the groups guiding principals. Cross-cultural management is thus the study of behavior of people from different cultures who have come together to meet a common goal. The study emphasizes on the m ain motivation factors like group dynamics, leadership structure and decision making practiced by such a mixed group.   This paper highlights that economic system is one aspect that has exposed cultures to elastic limits. Earlier, the economies were divided into first world, second world, and third world. First world economy had advanced free enterprise system, second world had centralized planning, and third world was more of a developing economy. Third world was built up by countries moving from agriculture economy to industrial economy. However, any global minded person knows that these dimensions have since changed. Many economies are mixed and many third world economies happen to have particular strengths that make them stand out.

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