Thursday, November 28, 2019

( Task 1) Source Evaluation Task Essays - Structure,

( Task 1) Source Evaluation Task 3W-28KIM, Do Hyung 011M111055-3 Source Evaluation of Title, Author Publisher The source, entitled "2024 Olympics: "Astonishing" omission of human rights in Host City Contract", was written by author unknown and was published in September 2015 in Amnesty International UK, a London-based non-governmental organization focused on human rights. Amnesty International is Nobel prize winning organization that works to support human rights around the globe. It has over a million members in 162 countries around the world. Purpose The article was probably written for a general audience, informing them that Host City Contract for 2024 Olympics lack human rights. This article is a primary source because it is published by a reputable organization and it also contains opinions of experts. The article criticize the IOC based on how it omitted human rights in Host City Contract of 2024 Olympics. The article urges the IOC to protect human rights in Olympics because that is what the Amnesty International does: publicize and putting pressure to up hold human rights. Accuracy The article does have evidences that shows how short the IOC's effort is to uphold the human rights in the Olympics. However other than one link from, the article does not contain any citation or state sources of information used. Also, the article could be biased, because the article was written by human rights organization and since the IOC made some efforts to uphold human rights, it would be subjective if the effort was enough or not. Context The article was written in 2015 and since the IOC made specific changes to the Host City Contract 2024 with regard to human rights, anti-corruption and sustainable development standards in February 2017, it is not relevant information anymore. The position on the topic seem common because the IOC has been criticized on its effort to uphold human rights by many different organizations. Evaluation The article strongly criticizes that the IOC lacks effort to uphold human rights in Host City Contract of 2024 Olympics, and it specifically states in which part the IOC needs to put more effort on. However, it does not have any citation or sources for the 2 quotations it contains. I, personally, am planning on writing an essay that argues the IOC does not successfully promote its core values. The article itself does supports my idea, but it is no longer valid since the IOC did show some effort by making changes in Host City Contract 2024 regarding human rights and anti-corruption. I am not going to use this information, because it does not support my idea anymore.

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